Many Are One

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The video posted below, “Prepare”, was created to entice students at Summit Ministries to bid at an auction for the rights to star in a film, the proceeds going to help children in Sudan. The rights went for $575 I believe, and this was created in the following day and half.



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This was a quick video I made for the students at Summit Ministries to get them psyched for the staff auction, which raises money for people living in Sudan. I took off the opening credits and changed the end credits, but other than that it is the same.

Sabi Behind-the-Scenes

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So far my internship at Warner Bros. Records has been amazing and a great learning experience. I have gotten to meet Regina Spektor, Neil Young, Mars Volta, been on the set of a music video shoot, and a bunch more. The video posted below is a Behind-the-Scenes reel shot and edited entirely by myself, up on the artist’s (Sabi) official youtube channel. (Ok, the final shot of her on the bed with the hearts on fire is from the actual music video. It was shot on a fotron 10,000 fps camera, not by me). I also had to fit in some product placements. See if you can catch them, they’re pretty subtle…

This video and some more photos I took are also featured at:

The Gray Days Weather

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Whew. This was a project. I wrote this script for my Narrative Storytelling class, where we had to come up with an 8-page script that hit the proper beats (Construction, Inside/Out Moment, Chasing the Dream, Squeeze, Death/Redemption, Deconstruction). After my group (Sam Hall and Ryan Barnett) decided to produce it, we had about a week to prepare to shoot. There were some huge blessings and huge obstacles, a few of which I’ll cover.

We’ll start with the bad:

-Probably the most difficult aspect of this shoot came down to location. We did not nail down a location until roughly 12 hours before we started filming. The location we landed on did not match the original setting of the script, so rewriting had to take place on site and most of the shots had to be composed on the spot.

-Due to multiple limitations, one of which was the distance to our shooting location, we had to shoot the whole 9 page script, which takes place over three days, in a single day’s shoot. This resulted in several missed shots and a great deal of stress on set.

-Budget=$0 (aside from the $20 each of us put in ourselves for essentials)

Now for the good:

-We were blessed with fantastic actors. I am so pleased with the performances that they delivered and grateful for their flexibility and patience.

-The actor who played Earl, Vince Tuomey, graciously offered his home to us as a shooting location when we found ourselves without one the night before. This proved to be a gorgeous setting that added a great deal of aesthetic value to our film that easily would not have been there if it wasn’t for Vince’s generosity.

There are a million other things I could say about this shoot, but I’ll shut up and just post it. If you would like more details or a copy of the original script, just shoot me an e-mail ( Now… onward.

Written and Directed by Stephen Takashima
Produced by Ryan Barnett
Director of Photgraphy, Sam Hall

Sugar Packets

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This was supposed to be part of a larger project, but since I have other things going on and new things to move onto, this is a rough-cut of something I was working on.

High-8 Us

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Unfortunately, I have come to find myself without film equipment. On a Sunday evening this Summer I went swing dancing, only to return to see that my car had been broken into. Naturally, I had left my camera and all of my film equipment in the trunk (I had met with a bride and groom to discuss filming a wedding earlier that day), and all were now missing. Camera, Mic, tripod, bag, sd cards, batteries, Ipod, quite a bit of stuff. Anyways, all this to say that it may be a while before I post anything new. I may do a few more videos with my cell phone and post them to my site, and if I do I will make a notice here. Thanks!

Drive Safe

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This was my entry for the 2011 Bridgestone scholarship contest.